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We offer top-quality surface treatments, including Anodising and Chemical Conversion (Hexavalent Chromium and non Hexavalent Chromium)  for aluminum parts and Cerakote coating for various metals, enhancing their durability and aesthetics.

Optimising Surface Treatments

At MCHND, we understand that the right surface treatment can be the finishing touch that takes a component from good to exceptional. That’s why we offer a range of high-quality surface treatments to enhance the performance, appearance, and longevity of machined parts.

For machined aluminum parts, we provide Mil Spec Anodising, a process that not only bestows aluminum components with added corrosion and scratch resistance but also lends them a visually pleasing aesthetic. Moreover, anodising reduces electrical conductivity by creating a non-conductive surface layer, enhancing safety and versatility in various applications.

Chemical Conversion, another option for aluminum components, offers increased corrosion resistance while retaining electrical conductivity, ensuring the structural integrity and performance of the parts.

For a broader range of metal components, we offer Cerakote ceramic coating, a hard, abrasive-resistant, and chemically-resistant solution available in a wide spectrum of colors. This versatile option is suitable for most metallic surfaces, providing a durable and aesthetically pleasing finish while protecting against the harshest environmental conditions.

At MCHND, we believe that the right surface treatment is the final step in delivering precision-engineered components that exceed our clients’ expectations, and we stand ready to provide the ideal solution for each unique project.

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